unexpected, unpleasant event

1) to have, meet with an accident (they had an accident during their trip)

2) to prevent accidents

3) an awful, bad, dreadful, frightful, horrible, nasty, serious, shocking; fatal; near; unavoidable; unfortunate accident

4) an automobile (AE), motorcar (BE); hit-and-run; hunting; industrial; railroad (AE), railway (BE), train accident

5) an accident occurs, takes place (a bad accident took place)

6) in an accident (he was in a hunting accident)


7) pure, sheer accident

8) an accident that + clause (it was pure accident that we met)

9) by accident (we discovered it by accident; it was by pure accident that we found the money)

* * *
sheer accident
train accident
unfortunate accident
railway (BE)
takes place (a bad accident took place)
meet with an accident (they had an accident during their trip)
['chance'] ['luck'] pure
['unexpected, unpleasant event'] ['catastrophe'] to have
an awful
an accident occurs
to prevent accidents
an automobile (AE)
in an accident (he was in a hunting accident)
an accident that + clause (it was pure accident that we met)
by accident (we discovered it by accident; it was by pure accident that we found the money)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.


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