automobile, motorcar

1) to drive, operate a car

2) to bring a car to a stop; to stop a car

3) to back a car (she backed the car into the garage)

4) to ride in a car

5) to go, travel by car

6) to hire (BE), rent a car

7) to break in (AE), run in (BE) a (new) car

8) to jack up; park; register; repair; road-test; service; tune up; winterize a car

9) to smash up, total, wreck a car

10) an armored; command; getaway; Panda (BE), patrol, police, prowl (AE), squad (AE); passenger; racing; scout; sports; stock car

11) an estate car (BE; AE has station wagon)

12) a new; secondhand, used car

vehicle that moves on rails

13) (on a train) (AE; BE has carriage, wagon, van) a baggage; box; cattle; club, lounge, parlor; dining, restaurant (BE); flat; freight; mail; railroad; sleeping; tank car

14) a trolley car (AE; BE has tram)

15) a cable car

16) (misc.) to uncouple railroad/railway cars

* * *
operate a car
run in (BE) a (new) car
stock car
tank car
to stop a car
travel by car
tune up
used car
winterize a car
wreck a car
prowl (AE)
squad (AE)
Panda (BE)
(misc.) to uncouple railroad/railway cars
['automobile, motorcar'] to drive
['vehicle that moves on rails'] (on a train) (AE; BE has carriage, wagon, van) a baggage
a cable car
a new
an armored
to bring a car to a stop
to go
to hire (BE) . rent a car
to jack up
to ride in a car
to smash up
to break in (AE)
a trolley car (AE; BE has tram)
an estate car (BE; AE has station wagon)
to back a car (she backed the car into the garage)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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