conditions, provisions

1) to dictate; set; state; stipulate terms

2) easy; favorable terms

3) surrender terms (to stipulate surrender terms to an enemy)

4) by the terms (of an agreement)

5) on certain terms (on one's own termss; on our terms)

6) under (the) terms of the agreement


7) to come to terms with smb.


8) equal, even; familiar, intimate; speaking; unequal terms

9) on certain terms with (to be on speaking terms with smb.; to negotiate with smb. on equal terms)

* * *
favorable terms
stipulate terms
unequal terms
['agreement'] to come to terms with smb.
['conditions, provisions'] to dictate
['relationship'] ['footing'] equal
under (the) terms of the agreement
by the terms (of an agreement)
on certain terms (on one's own termss; on our terms)
on certain terms with (to be on speaking terms with smb.; to negotiate with smb. on equal terms)
surrender terms (to stipulate surrender terms to an enemy)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.


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